REAL ESTATE November 30, 2017

Buying a Utah Home “As-Is”

Buying a Utah Home “As-Is”

A lot of people get nervous when they see a Utah Home marketed “as-is”.  However, the Utah Real Estate Contract, the contract we use to buy and sell real estate in Utah says the home is being purchased “as-is”.

Section 10.2 of the Utah Real Estate Contract says “Buyer acknowledges and agrees that in reference to the physical condition of the Property: (a) Buyer is purchasing the Property in its “As-Is” condition without expressed or implied warranties of any kind”.

The weight of the purchase is placed on the Utah Home Buyer doing their Due Diligence before they purchase the property.  This is why it is important to have the home inspected by a trusted person.  Fact is, there is no “perfect home”, but major issues can be avoided by doing a good inspection.

It may also be a good idea to have a Home Warranty purchased for the house.  This could be negotiated so as the seller would pay for it.  However, home warranties are insurance products and have limits and excluded coverage.  But if the dishwasher broke, most would come and fix or replace it.  It is a nice peace of mind to have and they last for a year, but they do not cover everything.

Searching for Utah homes is fun and finding something you really like is exciting, but make sure the house checks out.  Major issues could mean major fixes and cost.  There will always be maintenance to keep up a home and little things always happens.  Just check the major issues are sound and that it is a good home.

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