REAL ESTATE May 13, 2017

How you see the world matters

Written by: Paula Higman

Cheers to life!  To every glorious fleeting moment. The young and the young at heart. To a shining golden age filled with wonder.  To children who will not be eight years old forever.  To souls that never stop stirring, exploring, and soaring. Here’s to those who look to the horizon, seize the day with both hands, and step out the front door.  Here is to unforgettable moments, soon to come.

Here is to kindred spirits.  I am still a passionate traveler, and I have learned a thing or two about making my family vacations count.  Life is short so take your family and create a one of a kind experience you will all remember for a lifetime.  That is what makes up the dinner table conversation as we grow older.

Park City, Utah a vacation for the entire family