REAL ESTATE May 16, 2017

Family that plans together stays together….

Written by: Paula Higman

Do you ever ask yourself what will bring our family together?

Whether your kids are young and living at home, away at college or with families of their own, it is important to stay connected.
Bring a smile to the beautiful faces of your family by reminding them how much you care. Sweet notes into backpacks, briefcases and bags, with I love you’s. For kids who are in college or away from home, send a weekly card just so they know you’ve been thinking about them and how proud you are of what they are achieving. Always support those you love, in whatever endeavor they choose to conquer.
Rituals and traditions placed into your weekly or monthly routines, will be life long memories.
Experiences, things you do together with your family. They do not need to cost a lot of money, a lot of things are absolutely free, take advantage of these things and bring your family together.