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Make Your Bedroom Look Expensive

1. Remove things instead of adding them

You don’t have to fill your bedroom with things to make it look luxurious. Incorporate a mix of textures and finishes. Contrast is always good.
Decluttering is tough,  we’re probably not the only ones who hide all our junk in the bedroom, where only we have to see it. But one way you can keep clutter from cheapening your space is to choose storage pieces that pull double duty.

2. Use mirrors

An oversized mirror is a splurge that can visually anchor as well as expand a space, Especially if your bedroom has 8-foot ceilings, leaning a 5-foot or taller floor mirror in a corner will add a strong vertical line as well, which is always helpful in a lower-ceilinged space.
If you’re crafty,  Buy a mirror cut to your specifications at a glass shop, and then purchase lengths of molding from a lumber or specialty store.
Simple mitering with a handsaw, glue, and frame fasteners are all that’s needed. Then finish in a rich stain, metallic, or embellish with some luxurious vintage lace.

3. Layer your lighting

For a pulled-together, anchored space, choose a variety of lighting sources. Start with a large, attention-grabbing overhead fixture, which will “instantly make a bedroom or bathroom feel more expensive,” But don’t stop there: Add sconces, task or table lighting, and floor lamps throughout the room to create a soft, layered look.

4. Add brass accents

Brass, that decor staple from the 1970s and ’80s, is back in a big way, instant pizzazz to a space.
Adding a few touches will give warmth, sparkle, and elegance to the room.

5. Layer your bedding

Resist the urge to buy the “bed-in-a-box” matched set, and select your linens carefully, Bogdan says. Choose a mix of quality sheets, duvets, and quilts to make your bed look (and feel) plush, inviting, and opulent.“A space that looks high-end has beloved things that have been acquired over time,” she says. “Invest in really good linens, like French linen sheets, with their casual elegance, or Egyptian cotton with a simple finish.”Ramin recommends adding faux fur, silk pillows, or an embroidered coverlet for more texture. To complete the layered look, consider folding a fluffy comforter at the foot of the bed (laid over your regular duvet cover), says Lowengart.And above all, don’t forget about the pillows—cheap, flat ones look, well, cheap and flat.“Good pillows hold their loft,” Bogdan says. “They don’t just look better, they feel better when you sleep on them.”

6. Upgrade your headboard

If a new bed frame isn’t in your budget, consider springing for a new headboard instead. It’s one of those small things that will make a huge difference in the look and feel of your space.
For most people, the bed is the focal point. 
And you don’t have to have a huge sleigh bed or elaborate poster bed for the ‘wow’ factor. You can get an upholstered headboard for $300 that will transform a plain-Jane metal bed frame into a gorgeous, modern bed.

7. Paint your ceiling

Love a pop of color but afraid to fully commit? “This will add depth to your room without overwhelming it,” she says.
Pros recommend painting the ceiling in a color at least one shade lighter than the walls and using high-gloss paint to reflect light.

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