REAL ESTATE September 21, 2017

Are You Talking Your Prospects to Death: Telling vs Selling

1. Become a true problem solver……

Figure out what solution(s) your product or service provides for the customer.
  • Make a list so that so that you have something to reference.
  • Ask current satisfied customers what problems your product or service has solved for them and add what they say to your list.
  • Ask prospects what solutions using a product or service like yours would provide for them, add those to the list as well.

2. Ask questions………

When you are talking during the sales process, asking questions should be the main reason. Come up with a comprehensive list of questions for prospects that will help you to immediately identify what solutions you can provide. Do not assume that every customer uses a particular product or service for the same reasons.

3. Listen………

From the very moment that you encounter your prospect or repeat customer, listen to everything that they have to say. Also after asking questions from your comprehensive list listen to the answers so that you can correctly solve their problems. 
It’s better to have the customer walk away with a purchase in hand (no matter how large or small) than to have them walk away empty handed.

4. Focus on the benefits your product or service provides……….

Now that you have listened to your customers problems, you will be able to appropriately provide solutions. When providing those solutions be sure to highlight how your product or service will actually benefit the client, do not just go over all the features —stress the benefits.

5. Close Open the customer……………

Often times when closing a sale, the close becomes the focus as opposed to the actual sell itself. Ultimately, you may get the sell when ‘closing’ but it could be solely because the customer needed the product or service and you had it. Closing does not guarantee that they will be back. When wrapping up a sale I refer to it as ‘opening the customer’. If you have followed the previous steps then you have built rapport, gained an understanding of your customer’s needs, and provided the best solutions your product or service has to offer.

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