REAL ESTATE October 30, 2017

This Week in Park City

The Park City Nursery has been celebrating Fall for 35 years. Fall is a time families come together, and we love having a role in local family traditions, whether that be picking out a pumpkin from our pumpkin patch, taking fall photos amongst colorful leaves and fall blooms, or visiting the Haunted Forest. With fall, comes earlier, darker and cooler evenings, we love celebrating the Halloween spirit by inviting the community over for a little fun [and fear!] at the nursery — If you are up for a scare then come check out our Haunted Forest! The Haunted Forest is free! And open daily during regular business hours. Enter at your own risk!  

Halloween Escaper Room
Escape Room Park City presents its new HALLOWEEN ESCAPE. Puzzle your way through a mad professor’s warehouse laboratory, where she’s been experimenting, with monstrous results! Now she’s vanished, and your group is left alone in the lab – or are you? Can you escape before the Original Monster comes out to feed – on you? Rooms available 7 days a week through Halloween. Rooms on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights PG-13/R level scary and recommended for ages 13 and up; all other days and times, scare level at PG-13. Adult accompaniment always recommended. Every Sunday, each person in a full-character costume receives $5 off their Halloween Room ticket. Apply discount WEEN-SUN at time of ticket purchase. Schedule your Halloween Escape through

Park City Ghost Tours
The ghost stories of which you will hear during a Park City Ghost Tour have been collected over the past twelve years. The research was conducted by owners Rob and Lela Newey, retired history teachers and film maker, Erik Hutchins who has studied metaphysics and paranormal activity including human ESP, and the mysteries of crop circles. Through research, interviews, field recordings and other cutting edge methods these three investigators chose 15 stories because they were the most exciting… and terrifying.  If you are a believer in ghosts you will hear some of the best ghost stories ever to come out of the west; and if you don’t believe in ghosts, prepare to have your mind changed! Come see for yourself! Ghost tours are available every night through October 31.