REAL ESTATE November 2, 2017

Ski Utah Passport For 5th & 6th Graders

Passports” is a Ski Utah program that provides free skiing and snowboarding to fifth and sixth grade students. The Passport affords participants the opportunity to experience each one of Utah’s uniquely different resorts.
Fifth graders (10 & 11 years old) are at a crucial age in their development where they are choosing (or not choosing) healthy lifestyle activities over more sedentary activities. Choosing activities that help children keep active in the winter is a high priority to Ski Utah and its members. We believe that a healthy child is a happy child and happy, active children grow up to be happy, active adults. This benefits everyone.
Utah fifth graders may have been introduced to skiing or snowboarding through Ski Utah’s fourth grade learn to ski and ride program and are ready to participate on a more frequent basis. Fifth graders are also physically strong enough to participate in skiing and snowboarding at new levels making the sports an easy choice for lifetime participation.
Sixth graders (11 & 12 years old) are able to experience each of Utah’s resorts one time to continue honing their skills and help them make future decisions on where to purchase season passes.