REAL ESTATE November 5, 2017

It’s time to for daylight savings time to fall back forever!

Does Daylight Savings Time help conserve energy?    No!
Show me where this is a savings and I will show you why you are wrong……

I was raised a farmer and I don’t like the later sunrise created by Daylight Savings Time and dairy cows adjust poorly to moooving the clock.  LOL!

I was raised in Indiana and I believe that lighting demand may have dropped, but the warmer hour of extra daylight tacked onto each evening led to more air-conditioning use, which canceled out the gains from reduced lighting and then some. As a result, electric bills increased slightly under Daylight Savings Time. NO SAVINGS!

So I say, let’s have Congress – which hasn’t been able to agree on almost anything this year – pass a bill eliminating daylight saving time.  Just sayin’

1.You won’t have to struggle to figure out what time it is in Arizona or Hawaii, which NEVER change their clocks.
2.Amtrak won’t have to pull its trains over to side in the fall, wouldn’t want to be early!
3.Childhood obesity will diminish, because kids will have an hour less to trick-or-treat
4.Workplace injuries and suicide rates will go down
5. No more body rhythms being throws off
6. While we are at it lets realign time zones in the United States so they actually make sense.

Whom in the world said time zones have to be vertical?