REAL ESTATE April 24, 2018

Facebook has released a new set of monetization options and best practices for video creators

Monetization Options

  • Pre-Roll ads – Facebook says it’s seen “promising signs” from their initial tests of pre-roll ads, which they’re now expanding to additional areas, including in search results and on Page timelines. “For example, if a person searches for a show, a pre-roll may play when they select the episode to watch”.
  • Preview Trailers – Facebook’s also testing a new preview trailer format for Watch shows that will improve discovery in News Feed. “When a viewer taps on the trailer, we’ll play a short ad before moving them to view the full episode in Watch. Partners will also be able to boost this format, reaching new audiences and driving more predictable tune-in while still being able to monetize”. Preview trailers will only be available to approved Watch shows.
  • Ad Breaks Auto Insertion – Facebook’s also working to advance its recently announced auto ad breaks tool, which automatically detects the ideal place for an ad break within an eligible video. The option could make it easier for creators to understand when and where ad breaks fit best within their content.
  • Pre-Publish Brand Safety Check – Finally, Facebook’s rolling out a new option which will enable content partners to submit videos for monetization eligibility review before posting, which will help to ensure their video will receive relevant ad opportunities.

Video Best Practices:

  • Build audiences on Facebook surfaces where people seek out content – Encourage audience engagement outside of News Feed on surfaces that support repeat, loyal viewership such as in Watch, on a Page or in a Group. These places allow for audiences to meaningfully interact with each other to build community around your content.
  • Set and fulfill the creative expectations of viewers – A consistent voice and format drives repeat viewing and longer view times. Some successful formats that foster communities of fans around content include serialized shows or videos with a predictable cast and format.
  • Establish a release cadence – A set publishing schedule encourages audiences to consistently return to watch the next episode. Posting related videos, photos, or text posts helps to keep your fans engaged between episodes and seasons.
  • Create an active experience – Sourcing topics from audiences and engaging with commenters draws the audience closer to the content.                                                                                                                              

  • In other words, the best way to build an audience is to adopt a regular TV-show type model, using consistent characters/cast and publishing at the same time every week/month.